Boy’s Bathroom Finished!

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My client’s boy’s bathroom is done!  Actually, it was done around Thanksgiving of 2014 but, I’ve been a little busy with two small kiddos so I’m just now getting to blog about it.  This project went smoothly.  I couldn’t have asked better clients and a better process.  On the walls is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and the counters are leathered black granite.  The leathered granite really adds to the vintage look of the bathroom as it is reminiscent of soapstone.  Chrome was used as the finish for the plumbing fixtures and hardware to continue the vintage flavor.  My client was the one who added the wainscoting around the walls, upon my suggestion, and he executed it perfectly.  The cabinets are an inset, shaker style and the color is Linen White by Benjamin Moore.

This bathroom was so much fun to work on!  I hope I get to do more kid’s bathrooms in the future.


Boy’s Bathroom Project – It Takes Me Back To My Childhood


Interior design has taught me a lot of things.  One of those things is that I love working on kid’s spaces.  Its fun to talk to them and hear their dreams for their space and I love imagining things from their perspective.  It takes me back to when I was a child growing up with three sisters.  I didn’t have a room of my own and I used to try to make a room for myself out of odd spaces.  Our foyer walls were red and I would make a pallet on the floor and hang pictures on the wall and pretend it was my room.  Looking back, I can see it was the foundation of what would later become my career.

Fast forward to present day and a friend of mine noticed through social media that I am now doing freelance interior design work.  He contacted me and said they were overwhelmed with their boy’s bathroom and asked if I could come help.  Of course I said yes!  I met with them a few days later to see what their needs were and what they had in mind for the space.  After some time for concepts and materials gathering, I presented them with a concept for the space…

Boy's Bathroom Presentation copy

Given that the boys will eventually grow up and move out, I wanted to use timeless materials that would appeal to people across all age groups and tastes.  The look is very classic and can be juvenile or adult by changing out accessories.  The accessories I chose were fun and nautical and will add a bit of whimsy to the classic staples.  The flooring will be charcoal slate and the counter tops will be an antiqued black granite.  The wainscoting around the walls will give it a vintage flavor, as will the sconces.  Oh, and those mirrors.  I’m in love with tilt mirrors for bathrooms these days!  Also, there is a subtle X design on the mirror hardware, cabinet knobs, and the sconces that will tie everything together.

Currently, this project is still under construction and I will certainly post before and after photos when it is done.

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Guest Room Addition Project

Good Morning,

I’m feeling so blessed to have some of my work published again!  The following project was a guest room and bathroom addition.  The addition also included a den for guests to relax.  My inspiration was drawn from the homes existing lines and architecture.  The family has a great sense of style and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Please click on the photo and read the following article from Birmingham Magazine for more details including the team I was very fortunate to work with.






English Cottage Project

Good Morning!

This project was one of my biggest to date.  Not in terms of size of the house but in my involvement in the interior details.  I was fortunate enough to help through the building process and the top to bottom decorating of the home.  My vision from the beginning was cozy, serene, relaxing, and functional for the family that was about to move in.

Please follow the link below to read the article that was published recently in the May/June issue of Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine.

The above photo was taken by Jean Allsopp.



Light and Bright Kitchen

Good Morning!

The kitchen in this article is one of my favorites that I’ve done as an interior designer.  Of course, I love every kitchen I’ve done because when you spend a lot of time meticulously creating a space for a family to love, you fall in love with it too and so picking your favorite is a lot like picking your favorite child.  What I love most about this kitchen is the U shape.  To me, U shape kitchens kind of feel like they’re giving you a big hug and saying, “come on in, spend some time, stay a while.”  I’d love for you to click over and read the following article for more details about the space and the team I worked with to create this space…

The photo above was taken by the talented Jean Allsopp.

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